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Our museum is full of ancient artifacts, several authentic samurai swords and armors from the Edo Period and replica armors from the feudal Japan. There are also ninja exhibitions that provide you a glimpse into how these farmers turned into guerilla fighters. The best part is the free English tours provided frequently. Being Japan’s largest experiential museum, our venue also provides kimono and yukata dress up activities, tea ceremony services and zen meditation experiences in case you have a friend or a family member who is coming along. You can have this experience on any day of the year. If you would like to do the activity outside the museum, please drop us a message as we have several dojos as well. Don’t forget to check out the samurai and ninja gift shop inside the museum, one of the very few English-speaking places in Japan that sells real samurai swords, antique samurai armors in addition to ninja tabi-socks.


Samurai and Kyoto have always been associated throughout history. From Nijo Castle to Ikedaya Inn, every street corner in Kyoto has a story tell about the samurai and ninja. Beginning during the early Heian period to the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate the samurai and ninja always roamed the streets of Kyoto. Now they are back! The samurai and ninja museum brings back the history and helps you to have a glimpse of these heroes’ glorious lives. You can now enjoy the best samurai history tour in Kyoto held in English inside our museum. What is more, visitors can have a hands on experience including wearing a real samurai armor, taking a katana lesson, doing a shuriken (ninja star) throw and using a ninja blowgun all in one place, all included in the entry ticket.