Culture in Osaka, 100 Cultural Experiences and Activities in Osaka

tea ceremony osaka
Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony in Osaka,  green tea, traditional tea room, matcha, japanese tea culture, sado, chado, chanoyu, harmony, meditation, Japanese tea, Japanese sweets, experienced tea-master.

Yamamoto Noh Theater experience

Seasoanl activity, please check the website, calendar, musical performance, noh theater, facial masks, mask, dancing with masks, Japanese tradition.

Samurai in Osaka
Samurai experience at Maikoya

Samurai transformation, samurai lesson, samurai show, real samurai sword, Japanese culture,  samurai armor, Shinsaibashi, katana, samurai armor.

National Bunraku theater experience

Puppet tehater, puppet theater performance, Seasonal activity, please check the website, calendar, National Bunraku Theater, kabuki, puppets.

Rice harvesting at Savor Farm

Rice harvesting, osaka, fun, things to do in osaka, japanese cultural experience, japanese food, agriculture in japan, life time experience, Savor Farm, cultural activity, outdoors.

Calligraphy experience at Maikoya

Calligraphy lesson in Osaka,  things to do in osaka, fun, japanese culture, cultural experience, tradition, shuji, shodo, kakizome, bunchin, shodo.

Kimono experience at Maikoya

Kimono, osaka, yukata, japanese culture, kimono rental, kimono dressing lesson, japanese traditional clothes, cultural experience, kimono photography.

Become a priest at Shitennoji temple

Become a priest at Shitennoji temple, monk, temples, religion in Japan, adventure, japanese cutural experience, fun, Japanese tradition

Taiko drum experience at the “Taiko Lab”

Taiko lesson, taiko lab, war drums, music, things to do in Osaka, fun, travel, Japanese music, Japanese culture, cultural experience in Japan.

Pottery experience at Maishima

Pottery experience, potter making lesson in Osaka, making a bowl, things to do in osaka, japanese culture, dishes, Japanese tradition, craft, cultural experience, fun.

Sushi making experience at Maikoya

Sushi making lesson, Japanese food, sushi, cooking class, cooking lesson, eating, things to do in Osaka, fun, Japanese culture, travel, traditional Japanese food.

Ramen making experience at the ramen museum

Ramen making experience, the ramen museum, momofuku ando, cup ramen, japanes food, noodles, fun experience, travel, eating

Ikebana experience
Ikebana, flower arrangement lesson in Osaka, cultural experience,  Japanese, tradition, Japanese flowers, minimalism, simplicity, things to do in Osaka, fun.

Plastic food making experience at “Design Pocket”

Plastic food, making plastic things, plastic sushi, japanese cultural experience in Osaka, things to do in osaka, fun.

Sake tasting 

Sake tasting, rice wine tasting in Osaka, taste of Japanese sake, sake lesson in Osaka, Japanese alcohol drinks, Japanese drink, fun, sake, rice wine, traditional drink, cultural activity, travel

Takoyaki making 

Takoyaki making, takoyaki lesson in Osaka, cooking class, soul food, things to do in Osaka, fun, cultural experience, sightseeing, travel, eating, Japanese traditional food.

Soba making experience at Soba jin

Soba making experience, Japanese noodles, soba, Japanese food, things to do in osaka, Japanese food culture, cultural experience, fun, Japanese traditional food.

Origami experience 

Origami, origami lesson in Osaka, maikoya, fun, Japanese cultural experience, things to do in osaka, traditional Japanese culture, paper plane, paper craft.

Watch a practice at Daisihin Judo Club

Watch a judo practice at Daisihin Judo Club, japanese sports, japanese culture, fun, things to do in Osaka, judo, travel, sightseeing, adventure.

Furoshiki experience

Furoshiki experience, Japanese fabric folding, the art of folding, things to do in Osaka, Japanese culture, fun, Japanese cultural experience, travel, sightseeing in Japan.

Meet the geisha at Maikoya

Meet the geisha in Osaka, maiko, geiko, maikoya, japanese culture,  Japanese cultural experience,  tea ceremony, Japanese green tea, matcha,  Japanese tea culture, fun.

Owl cafe experience at the Lucky owl

Owl cafe experience, touching owls, feeding owls, fun, lucky owl, birds cafe, things to do in Osaka, travel, trip, adventure, relaxing, Japanese culture.

Japanese knife experience

Watch Japanese knife making process, knife shop, sharpening a knife, japanese quality, utensils, cooking items, hocho knife, japanese cultural experience of knife.

Wagashi making experience at Maikoya

Wagashi making experience, wagashi, japanese sweets, japanese confectionery, japanese culture, japanese cultural experience, things to do in Osaka, fun, travel, sightseeing, sweets making.

Osaka Craft Beer Sampling
Japanese Craft beer tasting

Japanese craft beer tasting, Osaka craft beer, Japanese craft beer, things to do in Osaka, fun, drinking, Japanese culture, Japanese drink, travel, trip.

Strawberry picking at Strawberry Farm Haru

Strawberry picking in Osaka, Japanese farm in Osaka, Japanese fruits,  agriculture in japan, fun, trip, things to do in Osaka, life time experience, harvest, family experience in Japan.

Sumo Experience at Maikoya

Sumo Experience in Osaka, sumo fighting, rikishi, mawashi, inflatable sumo costume, not a real sumo performance, japanese sports, tradition, Japanese culture, fun.

Kimono dressing lesson

Kimono dressing lesson in Osaka, fun, types of kimono, kimono, yutaka, maikoya, japanese dress, travel, trip, tea ceremony, crash course of kimono.

Okonomiyaki experience

Okonomiyaki making experience, cook and eat, takoyaki, soul food in Osaka, cooking utensils and cooking materials, cultural cooking activity, things to do in Osaka.

Kintsugi experience

Kintsugi experience, fixing pottery with gold,  things to do in Osaka, fun, cultural experience of gold, travel, trip, unique cultural experience.

Bonsai experience

Bonsai experience, bonsai lesson, bonsai cutting, seasonal activity,  plants, botanical, Japanese culture, Japanese cultural experience, greenery, green, flower, arrangements, interests.

Grape picking in Osaka

Grape picking, Japanese farm in Osaka, family fun, adventure, life time experience, Japanese fruits, seasonal activity.

Green tea harvesting at Uji

Green tea harvesting, kyoto, uji, green tea, matcha, fun, tea culture, agriculture in japan, harvest, Japanese tea ceremony.

Rakugo in English

Rakugo in English, stand-up comedy performance in English, poem, sitting on a cushion, Japanese culture of poetry, fun,  literature, Japanese tradition.

Japanese Tea sampling at Maikoya (GenmaCha, HojiCha, Matcha)

Japanese tea sampling, tea culture, Japanese tea ceremony, green tea, matcha, genma tea, hodji tea, Uji, japanese cultural experience, tea tasting, various kinds of tea.

Watch a practice at Sumiyoshi Budokan

Watch martial arts, practice of kyudo, practice of Judo, Japanese culture of karate, Japanese cultural experience, Japanese martial arts salon.

Experience sumi-e

Sumie lesson in Osaka, Experience sumi-e, painting lesson in Osaka, ukiyoe lesson in Osaka, charcoal painting, charcoal ink, Japanese paintings, drawing in japan, cultural experience.

Experience ukiyo-e at the Ukiyo-e Museum

Ukiyo-e lesson in Osaka, Ukiyoe-e making, woodblock printing, Japanese paintings, drawing in japan, fun, art museum, japanese cultural experience, pictures, japanese arts.

Experience drawing a manga

Drawing a manga in Osaka, manga drawing lesson, anime, drawing anime, comics, manga, osaka, paintings, drawing in japan, Japanese cultural experience, pictures, Japanese arts.

Take a buyoo dance lesson

Buyoo dance lesson, Japanese dance lesson, enka, dancing and holding a fan, Japanese dance, odori, travel, trip, things to do in osaka, japanese cultural experience, Japanese tradition

Experience kabuki at Osaka Shochiku-za

Experience kabuki, kabuki theater in Osaka, Japanese dance, odori, travel, trip, things to do in Osaka, face-painting in Japan, Japanese tradition.

Take a shamisen lesson

Take a shamisen lesson, lern how to play shamisen, musical instrument lesson, Japanese music, fun, Japanese traditional culture, Japanese music instruments.

Take a koto lesson

Take a koto lesson, learning how to play a Japanese instrument, Japanese music, fun, japanese traditional culture, Japanese music instruments.

Lunch kimono Osaka
Maiko (Geisha) dinner show

Maiko dinner show, geisha dance show in Osaka, geiko, geisha, dinner, Japanese dining, dinner show, Japanese tradition, unique experience, expensive experience.

Koto concert 

Koto concert, live koto performance in Osaka,  Japanese music, fun, Japanese traditional culture, japanese music instruments, Japanese cultural experience.

Shamisen concert 

Shamisen concert, live performance of shamisen, playing Japanese music, things to do in Osaka, Japanese music, fun, Japanese music instruments, Japanese cultural experience

Kendo performance 

Kendo performance in Osaka, live performance, sword practice in Osaka, fun, japanese traditional sports, japanese cultural experience, bushido, kendo fighter, samurai, ninja.

Ikebana flower arrangement show 

Ikebana flower arrangement, live demonstration, expert flower show,  fun, flowers, Japanese cultural experience,  tradition, bonsai, Japanese plants, greenery, Japanese botanical culture

Karate show 

Karate show in Osaka, demonstration of karate in Osaka, live demonstration, fun, Japanese traditional sports, Japanese cultural experience, bushido, karate fighter, samurai, ninja, karate, judo

Stay at a capsule hotel in Osaka

Stay at a capsule hotel, tiny space, unique Japanese experience,  things to do in osaka, fun, Japanese cultural experience, minimal life, new experience, life time experience, travel, trip.

Housengama Pottery Class (kyoto)

Housengama Pottery Class, making a bowl, making a plate, unique cultural experience, fun, traveling in japan, trip, pottery, a day trip from Osaka.

Marumasu Nishimuraya (kyoto)

Marumasu Nishimuraya, kimono dyeing art, fabric dyeing, special Japanese art, fun, things to do in kyoto, trip, travel, adventure in japan, tradition, Japanese textile.

Roketsu dyeing studio (kyoto)

Roketsu dyeing studio, fabric dyeing, special fabric design, fabrc painting, Japanese cultural experience, japanese tradition, once in a life-time experience.

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