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Best Restaurants to eat crab in Kyoto

Best Crab Restaurants in Kyoto. Rated by local Kyoto people.

1. Miyako Kaniza
Local cuisine, Japanese, Big lunch, English menu, English speaking staff, Kids’ menu, Crabs
Best Crab Restaurants in Kyoto2. Kani Douraku かに道楽 京都本店
Asian, Japanese, Crabs, English menu, Seafood
Best Crab Restaurants in Kyoto3. Sapporo Kaniya 札幌かに家 京都店
Sushi, Japanese, Seafood, Families with children, Crabs, Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Private rooms, Big parties
4. Kaniman
Japanese, Seafood, Crabs, Reservations
Best Crab Restaurants in Kyoto5.Yamayoshi, Shijo Kawaramachi
Japanese, Seafood, Crabs, Reservations
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Yamayoshi, Shijo Kawaramachi Kyoto

Best  Crab Restaurants in Kyoto
Yamayoshi, Shijo Kawaramachi 
Artwork on your plate. You can have two fresh snow crabs per person in Full Course of Fresh Snow Crabs. The one is boiled with special vinegar sauce of Yamayoshi. The other one is raw fresh snow crab, so you can enjoy in various ways.
Average prices:  ¥981 – ¥3,053
Tel.   +81 75-342-4400

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Kaniman Kyoto

Best  Crab Restaurants in Kyoto
This restaurant is open only during the winter, where crab is in season. Kaniman serves authentic snow crabs that have been caught at the Sea of Okhotsk.
Average prices:  ¥5,998 – ¥7,961
Tel.   +81 774-66-3984

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Sapporo Kaniya (札幌かに家 京都店) Kyoto

Best Crab Restaurants in Kyoto
Sapporo Kaniya  (札幌かに家 京都店)
They are serve many meals with a wide variety of fresh ingredients that let you enjoy the tastes and flavors of Kyoto at a reasonable price.
Average prices:  ¥1,527 – ¥6,979
Tel.   +81 75-541-1110

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Kani Douraku (かに道楽 京都本店) Kyoto

Best  Crab Restaurants in Kyoto
Kani Douraku かに道楽 京都本店
There are so many crab dishes to choose from. You can select them individually, or you can choose one of several set menus. Their food is delicious, no matter what options you choose, if you really love crabs, be sure to visit this restaurant.
Average prices: ¥3,000 – ¥6,000
Tel.   +81 75-211-0671

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Miyako Kaniza Kyoto

Best  Crab Restaurants in Kyoto
Miyako Kaniza
The fresh crabs has been chosen with careful consideration by professionals with lots of experience. The restaurant offers delicious crabs at a reasonable price
Average prices:  ¥4,035 – ¥5,998
Tel.   +81-75-708-7129

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