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Best 11 Steakhouses in Kyoto

Best Steakhouses. Best Steak Restaurants in Kyoto. Rated by local Kyoto people.

1. STEAK Otsuka STEAK おおつか
Japanese, Steakhouse, Local cuisine, Special occasions, Families with children, Lunch time only, Reservations
2. Hafuu Honten はふう 本店
Japanese, Steakhouse, Special occasions, Business meetings, Local cuisine, Late Night, Reservations
3. Itoh Dining Kyoto 伊藤ダイニン 京都店
Japanese, Steakhouse, Asian, Gluten Free Options, Local cuisine, Scenic view, Romantic, Special occasions, Full bar
4. Pound Kyoto Ekimae 听(ポンド)京都駅前店
Japanese, Steakhouse, Barbecue, Asian, Gluten Free Options, Romantic, Families with children, Large groups, Business meetings, Local cuisine, Special occasions, Reservations, Private Dining
5. What’s Matsusaka Beef 松阪牛 WHAT’S
Japanese, Steakhouse, Barbecue, Asian, Gluten Free Options, Large groups, Local cuisine, Kids, Families with children, Business meetings, Special occasions, Romantic, Reservations, Private Dining,
Best 10 Restaurants in Kyoto6. Matsukiya, Kyoto Shijo れすとらん 松㐂屋 京都四条店
Japanese, Steakhouse, Large groups, Families with children, English menu, Privat room
7. Moritaya Kiyamachi モリタ屋 木屋町店
Japanese, Steakhouse, Sukiyaki, Asian, Large groups, Local cuisine, Kids, Families with children, Special occasions, Romantic, Reservations, Private Dining, English speaking staff, English menu, Vegetarian Menu Options
Best 10 Restaurants in Kyoto8. Premium Pound Sanjo Kiyamachi プレミアム 听(ポンド) 三条木屋町店
Steakhouse, Barbecue, Gluten Free Options, Families with children, Special occasions, Business meetings, Local cuisine, Romantic, Full bar
10. Mikaku 祇園みかく
Japanese, Steakhouse, Asian, Romantic, Reservations, English speaking staff, English menu, Vegetarian Menu Options
11. Shishikin
Steakhouse, Grill, Wine Bar, Japanese, Gluten Free Options, Local cuisine, Families with children, Special occasions, Romantic
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Shishikin Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Shishikin is a restaurant specializing in Kyoto beef. This is one of the best kinds of beef in Japan. In the restaurant you can have meat cooked according to your preferences. Shishikin purchasing whole beef to cook according to customers preferences.
Average prices:  ¥981 – ¥7,961
Tel.   +81 75-741-6168

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Mikaku (祇園みかく) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Mikaku  (祇園みかく)
Delicious beef and views of cherry blossoms along the Shirakawa River. The meals can be enjoyed over a burnished iron plate. Basically they serve shabu-shabu and sukiyaki with beef full of tenderness which melts in your mouth.
Average prices:  ¥3,000 – ¥6,000
Tel.   +81 75-525-1129

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Steak House Yoshida (ステキハウスヨシダ) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Steak House Yoshida (ステキハウスヨシダ) 
Your steak is prepared right before your eyes, so that you can enjoy it at its most fresh. Your meals are served according to your pace. Enjoy a dilicious meal of top-quality A-5 grade Japanese Black Beef in relaxed atmosphere.
Tel.  +81 75-525-2025

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Moritaya Kiyamachi (モリタ屋 木屋町店) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Moritaya Kiyamachi (モリタ屋 木屋町店) 
Moritaya was opened in 1869 as the first beef restaurant in Kyoto and since then has only served top-quality beef. Each slice of beef, whether eaten as sukiyaki, shabu-shabu or grilled with olive oil, has a mellow flavor and melts in the mouth.
Average prices:  above ¥10,000
Tel.   +81 120 77 0298

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What’s Matsusaka Beef (松阪牛) WHAT’S Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
What’s Matsusaka Beef (松阪牛) WHAT’S
Experience Matsusakagyu yakiniku courses and a la carte items surrounded by the traditional atmosphere of a Kyoto Machiya townhouse. Separate and private seating is also available if you are looking for an exclusive setting to enjoy your Matsusakagyu beef.
Average prices:  ¥4,000 – ¥10,000
Tel.   +81 75-222-2989

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Pound Kyoto Ekimae (听(ポンド)京都駅前店)

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Pound Kyoto Ekimae  (听(ポンド)京都駅前店) 
They offer deep flavored matured Japanese beef served by the pound. Complete a-la-carte menu also available. They also offer various types of wine which go well with Japanese beef. Meat allowed to mature for a certain period in drastic thermal and humidity conditions is known as dry-aged beef. The delicious flavors, strong and well fragranced, will capture you. Restaurant offers everything from standard cuts to rare cuts. Special private rooms for receptions and spacious rooms for banquets are available.
Average prices:  ¥4,035 – ¥5,998
Tel.   +81 75-708-8929

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Itoh Dining Kyoto (伊藤ダイニン 京都店) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Itoh Dining Kyoto  (伊藤ダイニン 京都店)
Nobuyuki Matsuhisa is one of the best chef in the world. This restaurant is traditional Japanese house built 50 years ago.
Average prices:  above ¥10,000
Tel.   +81 75-525-3235

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Hafuu Honten (はふう 本店) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Hafuu Honten  (はふう 本店)
Hafuu Honten is more in Japanese style combine with modern atomosphere. Sitting at the bar couter, you can watch all the chef’s work and enjoy chatting with stuff. Located in quit residental area, and stay away from the bustle of town.
Average prices:  ¥3,053 – ¥5,016
Tel.   +81 75-257-1581

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STEAK Otsuka STEAK (おおつか) Kyoto

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
STEAK Otsuka  STEAK (おおつか)
STEAK OTSUKA is a steakhouse that seats up to 30 people and is located in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto. They have a fine selection of superlative quality Japanese wagyu beef includes rare cuts of wagyu steaks and sirloin steak cuts of Murasawa Beef, a brand of legendary status in Japan.
Open 11:00AM
Closed 2:30PM
Average prices:  ¥981 – ¥5,780
Tel.   +81 75-864-7989

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