Differences between Geisha, Geiko and Maiko  
Geisha = Geiko
Meaning Gei (arts) sha (person) Mai (dance) ko (young person)
Skills Master in traditional arts, can have a sophisticated conversation Still training, talks less
Age Older than 20 Between 15 ~ 20
Overal Feeling Not colorful Colorful
Make up 1 Completely white face Little space between hairline and the white powdered skin
Make up 2 both lips are red Only the lower lip is red
Make up 3 Red around the eyes but less Red around the eyes
Make up 4 No pink blush around the cheeks Pink blush around the cheeks
Hair 1 Wig Natural hair
Hair 2 Not much variation Different hairstyles for each year and when dancing
Hair 3 Different hair style with less hair ornaments Ware shinobu hairstyle (split peach and sides are also emphasized) with flowers and hairpins
Hair 4 Hairpin (kanzashi) are simpler and shorter Hairpins (kanzashi) are more elaborate. Maiko wears long flowerlike hairpins during the first year
Kimono 1 Simpler kimono with simpler colors Brightly colored long sleeve kimono
Kimono 2 The collars are white Back of the neck shows the inside of the kimono that is usually red and white
Kimono 3 The obi (belt) is shorter The obi (belt) is long and colorful
Sandals Zori (low sandals) Okobo (high sandals)

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