Real antique dagger. Item no: 01-346




 Front Inscription: None Back Inscription: None Manufacturing Period: Edo
 Blade length: 20.5 cm Original width: 22.0 mm Original weight:
 Warpage: 0.4 cm Width: 16.7 mm Weight:
 Nail hole: 3 The sheath weight: 180 g Blade weight: 155 g
 Registration: Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education April 1972

If you are interested in any of our swords, please drop us a message at . We would be more than happy to set up a free Skype call to live introduce you the sword and also give you some suggestions how to evaluate Japanese swords. Some of the swords can be viewed at the gift shop of the Samurai & Ninja Museum of Japan located in the heart of Downtown Kyoto.


Countries that we can ship swords from Japan

USA  (アメリカ) OK
Australia(オーストラリア) OK
Austria(オーストリア) Depends/Check with the customs
Bulgaria(ブルガリア) Depends/Check with the customs
Brazil(ブラジル) × Not allowed
Belgium(ベルギー) OK
China(中国) × Not allowed
Canada(カナダ) × Not allowed
Chile(チリ) OK
Czech Republic(チェコ) OK
Denmark(デンマーク) × Not allowed
Finland(フィンランド) OK
France(フランス) OK
Germany(ドイツ) OK
Greece(ギリシャ) OK
Hungary(ハンガリー) OK
Italy(イタリア) OK
Korea(韓国) × Not allowed
Kazakhstan(カザフスタン) OK
Malaysia(マレーシア) Depends/Check with the customs
Mongolia(モンゴル) Depends/Check with the customs
Mexico(メキシコ) OK
Norway(ノルウェー) × Not allowed
New Zealand(ニュージーランド) OK
Netherlands(オランダ) OK
Peru(ペルー) OK
Philippines(フィリピン) OK
Poland(ポーランド) OK
Portugal(ポルトガル) OK
Russia(ロシア) × Not allowed
Sweden(スウェーデン) OK
Saudi Arabia(サウジアラビア) OK
Singapore(シンガポール) OK
Spain(スペイン) OK
South Africa(南アフリカ) OK
Switzerland(スイス) OK
Thailand(タイ) OK
Turkey(トルコ) OK
Taiwan(台湾) OK
UK(イギリス) Depends/Check with the customs
Vietnam(ベトナム) OK

刀剣持ち出し許可一覧に記載の無い国に 持ち出す方は店内のスタッフにお尋ねください。

If your country is not in the list. Please contact us:


※Please understand that there are some countries which do not allow swords through their customs control.


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