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100 Things to do in Japan. What to see in Japan.

samurai costumes for kids

Selected experience
31. Samurai Experience Kyoto

Samurai experience in Kyoto, Samurai costumes, ninja experience in Kyoto, samurai costumes for families, Samuri Museum, Bushido, real samurai transformation, Japanese culture, cultural activities, samurai, japanese culture, fun, Kyoto.

100 Things to do in Japan. What to see in Japan. Where to go in Japan.
Japan has 47 amazing prefectures. Let’s discover some popular spots. Some places in the list are not known by everyone.

1. Mt Fuji

Mt fuji, highest point, mountain, beautiful place, the most popular mountain in japan, beautiful view, most beautiful mountain in the world.

2. Fushimi Inari

Fushimi inari taisha, kyoto, trails up the mountain, close to the city centre, sightseeing, adventure, japanese tradition, temples, shrine, fox, most popular shrine in Japan.

3. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market, central wholesale market, the largest fish market in the world, very fresh sushi, you must wake up early in the morning.

4. Kinkakuji

Kinkaku-ji, most famoust, apanese tradition, temple, Kyoto, golden pavilion, world famous, golden temple, amazing picture spot, beautiful pond.

5. Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing, shopping district, shibuya station, one of tokyo’s busiest railway stations, the fashion center of japan, nightlife, Tokyo, Starbucks, electronic billboard, Halloween party, many bars and restaurants.

6. Tea Ceremony
tea ceremony osaka
Tea ceremony, unique cultural experience, mediation and tea drinking, japan culture, the best cultural activity, tea experiences, Japanese culture, fun, kimono dressing, Osaka, harmony, respect, peace and purity.

7. Hida Takayama

Old town feeling, traditional Japan, wooden buildings, small village, houses from the Edo-period, most popular historic historic town in Japan.

8. Dotonbori Bridge

Best night view in Japan, many people, great for street food, fun place, bars and restaurants, the heart of Osaka, shopping, canal, Shinsaibashi, Namba, river cruise, the Glico-Man.

9. Universal Studios Japan

The largest amusement park, Spiderman, Sesame Street, costumes, parades, great place for families, fun place, theme park in osaka, hanging out with friends and family.

10. Nara Deer Park

Nara deer park, so many deers, Nara park, a large park in central Nara, Nara’s main attraction, relaxing, feeding deers, fun, next to temples, next to Todaiji temple, Nara is Japan’s first capital.

11. Todaiji

World’s largest Buddha statue, big Buddha, historically significant temple, Nara, good to study Buddhism, good to understand Japan’s history and culture.

12. Mount Koya

Mount koya, shingon buddhism, natural and spiritual, temples in a forest, kobo daishi, kukai, Wakayama, kōyasan, temples, shrines, japanese culture, travelling japan, hiking, in the middle of the mountain, remote place.

13. Sumo Game & Sumo Practice

Sumo game & sumo practice, sumo experience,  japan, cultural activity, centuries old tradition, once in a lifetime experience, Japanese culture, fun, shintoism, chanko nabe.

14. Kiyomizu Dera

Kiyomizu temple, unesco world heritage, kyoto, the most famous place in kyoto, the most crowded temple, narrow streets, good photo spot, no nails used in the temple, kiyomizudera, japan, japanese tradition, ancient kyoto

15.Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Arashiyama, bamboo forest, kyoto, one of kyoto’s top sights, sandal ride, beautiful lake, fall leaves, many temples, monkey park, kimono forest, many things to do, great picture spot, spiritual.

16.Asakusa Temple

Asakusa temple, buddhist temple, sensō-ji , Tokyo, pagoda, incense burning, souvenir shops, the biggest lantern at the gate (kaminarimon), rickshaw ride, Skytree tower.

17. Kobe Beef

Try Kobe beef in Japan, originally from Kobe, not very expensive, avilable in many places in Japan, massaging cows, not the most popular beef in Japan (Japanese people think Tajima-gyu is the best).

18. Himeji Castle

Himeji castle, himeji, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most popular castle in Japan, ninja, sightseeing, adventure, japanese tradition, temples, day-trip from Osaka.

19. Kokoen Garden

Kokoen garden, Near Himeji Castle, japanese garden,  hyōgo, Japanese friendship garden, unique flowers, beautiful in all seasons.

20. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hiroshima peace memorial, atomic bomb dome, hiroshima peace memorial park, memorial, unique feeling, great learning experience, not far from the Miyajima island and Itsukushima Jinja.

21. Meiji Jingu

Meiji jingu, meiji shrine, shibuya, Tokyo, shinto shrine, Japan, very large park, historical buildings, giant Tori-gate, most popular spot in Tokyo.

22. Kimono Experience

kimono experience, japan culture, cultural activity, kimono, japanese culture, fun, feeling Japanese culture.

23. Tokyo Disneyland

tokyo disneyland, fun, good for children, fun for kids, theme park, tokyo disney resort

24. Itsukushima Shrine

itsukushima shrine, shinto shrine, island itsukushima, miyajima, torii gate, hiroshima , japan, sightseeing, adventure, japanese tradition, temples, shrine

25. Nijo Castle
nijō castle, the most popular castle in Kyoto, flatland castle, ninja, located in the city centre, beautiful small castle.

26. Ryoanji

Ryoanji temple, meditation, zen garden, most famous rock garden, Kyoto, great spot, fun, world famous, UNESCO world heritage site.

27. Kenrokuen

kenrokuen, one of the most famous Japanese gardens, old private garden, japanese garden, great gardens of japan, beauty , cherry blossoms, pine trees, beautiful park, japan

28. Shinsaibashi Street Food

Best place to eat street food, great place for shopping, shinsaibashi street food, palace for shopping, place for eating, heart of osaka, Dotonbori, Namba. Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori are not different places.

29. Wisteria Tunnel

wisteria tunnel, walk, wisteria flowering plants, beautiful garden, dangling purple flowers, amazing photo spot, botanical tunnels, tunnels, extraordinary flora, natural wonders, architectural oddities kitakyushu, japan

30. Kaiyukan Aquarium

Japan’s 2nd largest aquarium, family fun, for family with kids, entertainment, fun, aquarium, marine inhabitants, shark whale, penguens, free with the Osaka-pass-ticket.

31. Samurai Experience

Samurai experience, Samurai costumes, Samuri Museum, Bushido, real samurai transformation, Japanese culture, cultural activities, samurai, japanese culture, fun, Kyoto.

32. Osaka Castle
Best things to do Osaka
Osaka’s most famous spot, historic area, good for families with kids, japanese garden, Nishinomaru garden, not far from Maikoya.

33. Harajuku

harajuku, district in shibuya, center of japanese youth culture and fashion, shopping, boutiques, cafés, tokyo, unique fashion style, street fashion, many young people.

34. Kyoto Imperial Palace

the kyoto imperial palace, kyoto, world famous, fun,ruling palace, stunning, beautiful

35. Eiga Mura

Toei uzumasa eiga mura, great for kids,it used to be a movie set, Japanese streets, good photo spots, ancient japan, traditional shows, kyoto studio park, theme park, jidaigeki films, samurai, ninja.

36. Kifune Shrine

kibune, not very crowded, undiscovered yet, forested valley, kifune shrine, kyoto, greenery, japanese ryokan, relaxing, great spot

37. Genko-an Temple

beatiful japanese architecture, fall leaves, blood on the floor, samurai spirit, round windows, picture spot, buddhist temple.

38. Jigoku Dani, Hell Forest

jigoku dani, hell forest, monkey park, natural springs, hot springs, volcanoes, natural wonders, japan, japan travel, snow monkey park, snow monkey resorts, snow monkey tour

39. Ghibli Museum

ghibli museum, mitaka, tokyo, technology museum, mitaka station, magical place, ghibli museum in tokyo, musem in tokyo, amusement parks, art, museums and collections, museums

40. Kawaii Monster Cafe

kawaii monster cafe, japan, monsters, restaurants, commercial curiosities, dining

41. Sanjusan Gendo

Sanjusangendo, Japanese garden, green pond, Rengeo-in, 1001 statues of Kannon, Shrine, big hall

42. Zauo Fishing Restaurant

Zauo Fishing Restaurant , Catch a fish and eat, catching fish, good family activity, kids like it.

43. Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue, the loyal dog Hachiko , strange statue, japan

44. Cat island

cat island, tashirojima, cats, anomalous islands, cultures and civilizations, fascinating fauna, islands, animals

45. Naoshima Art island

Naoshima Art island, Naoshima, island, island town, beautiful island, chichu art museum, modern art, art lovers, world class art, inland sea, main attractions, main attractions, ferry ride

46. Fox Island

Fox Island, Fox Village, foxes, wild animals, open area, walk around, petting zoo, feeding area

47. Rice field Art in Inakadate

rice field art in inakadate, rice field, horticultural marvels, outsider art

48. Naeba Ski Resort

Naeba Ski Resort, ski school, ski resort, skills, skiing, rest, Japan, Mount Takenoko, Niigata Prefecture

49. Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival, Snow Festival, festivals, light shows, ice sculptures, amazing sculptures, winter wonderland

50. Jigokudani Monkey Park

jigoku dani, hell forest, monkey park, natural springs, hot springs, volcanoes, natural wonders, japan, japan travel, snow monkey park, snow monkey resorts, snow monkey tour

51. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Sky Tree, tokyo skytree tower, observation tower, tower, broadcasting, restaurant, tallest structure in Japan, top level, clear view, crowded place, glass floor, metropolitan building, lower floor, highest point, viewing deck, must visit place

52. Abeno Harukas

tallest building, Abeno Harukas, Abenobashi Terminal Building, observation deck, marriott hotel, kintetsu department store, big shopping mall, view at night

53. Sakurajima

Sakurajima, active volcano, island, ashes, you may need to wear a mask, volcano in Japan, active volcano

54. Huis Ten Bosch

huis ten bosch, theme park, illumination at night, many flowers and tulips, sasebo, light show, amusement parks, ferris wheel, lots of fun, virtual reality, walk around, entrance gate, canal cruise

55. Aogashima Island

Volcanic Japanese Island, Japan’s most beautful island, Aogashima Island, Aogashima, Aogashima Volcano, Volcano, Anomalous Islands

56. Amano Hashidate

Amanohashidate, Japan’s most picturesque bay area, Miyazu Bay, Sandba, Heaven, Kyoto, Sky View, Amazing View, Drive, Trip, Adventure, Travel, Japanese Sightseeing

57. Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen, resort area, old traditional town, old hot springs area, Japanese hot springs, onsen bath houses, onsen town, public onsens, onsen experience, open air bath, bath house, japanese onsen

58. Beppu Onsen

hot springs, Beppu Onsen, resort area, Japanese hot springs, onsen bath houses, onsen town, public onsens, onsen experience, open air bath, bath house, japanese onsen

59. Gunkanjima Island

Gunkanjima Island, Japan, Anomalous Islands, Ghost Towns, Incredible Ruins, Boat Ride, Crumbling Buildings

60. Okinawa Diving

Okinawa Diving, Okinawa, Diving, dive master, amazing experience, fun dives, diving center, great dive

61. Shibazakura

Shibazakura, purple flowers, undiscovered, fields, japan, amazing view, walk, good view

62. Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle, Japan’s 2nd most popular castle, shrine, japan, sightseeing, adventure, japanese tradition, temples, shrine, japanese history, historical castle

63. Sushi making experience

Sushi making experience, culture, Japanese culture, sushi making, traditional cooking, cooking experience, Maikoya, japan

64. Meet a Geisha

Meet a Geisha, geisha expirience, Maikoya, japanese culture, Geisha Tradition

65. Kamakura Giant Buddha

Kamakura Giant Buddha, Kōtoku-in, temple, bronze statue of Amida Buddha, great buddha, huge statue, the main attraction

66. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant, Pre Show, Show Starts, Loud Music, Crazy Fun, Amazing Automata, Electrical Oddities, Bars, Restaurants, Bizarre Restaurants and Bars, Strange Statues

67. Pilgrimage of 88 Temples in Shikoku Island

Pilgrimage of 88 Temples in Shikoku Island, The Shikoku Pilgrimage, pilgrimage, temple, japan, japanese culture

68. Visit a sushi-roll restaruant

It is good to go to a roll-sushi restaurant, a unique sushi experience, sushi on the conveyor belt.

69. Samurai Test Cutting Experience

samurai experience, tameshigiri, cutting a tatami, using real samurai sword, feeling like a real samurai, japan culture, cultural activities, samurai, japanese culture, fun, Osaka

70. Nebuta Matsuri

Nebuta Matsuri, Nebuta festival, Japan’s most famous festival, Aomori Nebuta Festival, Japanese summer festival, Aomori, festival, japan

71. Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri, Gion festival, Japan’s 2nd most famous festival, The Gion Festival, one of the most famous festivals in Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto’s Gion district, festival, japan

72. Awa Odori

Awa Odori, Awa festival, Japan’s 3rd most famous festival, the Awa Dance Festival, largest dance festival, festival, japan

73. Food Sampling in Shinsekai Tsutenkaku

Food Sampling in Shinsekai Tsutenkaku, Tsutenkaku, Famous tower in Osaka, Namba, Shinsaibashi, sightseeing, Shinsekai.

74. Pachinko Experience

Pachinko Experience, game, fun, interesting game, mini casino experience in Japan, small casino , very common.

75. Shirakawago Old Houses

Shirakawago Old Houses, shirakawa-go, cultural, japanese culture, mountain villages, world heritage, old village, small village, observation point

76. Gold Ice Cream
Japan golden ice cream
Gold Ice Cream, Golden Ice Cream in Osaka, unforgettable experience, Maikoya, Osaka, Japan

77. Honenji

Honenji Temple, castle, shrine, japan, sightseeing, adventure, japanese tradition, temples, shrine, japanese history, historical castle

78. Toshogu

Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine, Japanese culture, Sightseeing, Hiroshima, Travelling Japan, Temples, Japanese shrine

79. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan’s biggest water tank, whale sharks, churaumi aquarium, dolphin show, huge tank, sea creatures, the main attraction, marine life, touch pool, big sharks, sea world

80. Owl Cafe Experience

Owl Cafe Experience, Owl Cafe, unique experience, fun, cafe, animal cafe, experience in Japan, travelling Japan

81. Adventure world Panda Zoo

Adventure world Panda Zoo, popular spot in Wakayama, great from families, Adventure World, wild animals, fun park, panda bears, zoo, rides, safari, japan, attraction

82. Mount Shosha

Mount Shosha, the last samurai, Hollywood movie spot, temple buildings, mountain top, ropeway station, himeji castle, walk up, rope way

83. Hakuritsu Sake Brewery

Hakuritsu Sake Brewery, Japanese Drink, Japanese Sake, Rice Wine, Fushimi district, Made in Japan, Japanese Traditional Drink

84. Tottori Sand Dunes

Tottori Sand Dunes, sand dunes, camel ride, walk around, panoramic view

85. Owakudani Thermal Spring

Owakudani Thermal Spring, volcanic valley, hot springs, undiscovered, very famous hot spring,

86. Ise Jingu

Ise Jingu, Japan’s most famous shrine, consists of more than 50 small shrines, Ise Grand Shrine, Ise shrine, japanese culture, shinto religion, imperial family, pilgrimage site

87. Experience Karaoke

Experience Karaoke, good for young people, drinks, pizza, hot dog, sleeping, karaoke

88. Ramen Museum

Ramen Museum, Japanese food, Japanese noodle, good spot for families.

89. Oya History Museum

Oya History Museum, musems, japanese history, japanese culture, underground cavern

90. Alice in a Labyrith Cafe

Alice in a Labyrith Cafe, Restaurant , Restaurants and Bars, Tokyo, Ginza District

91. Yunessun Wine Hot Spring

Yunessun Wine Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Rest, Swimming Pools, Amusement Parks, Relaxing, Yunessun Spa Resort

92. Adachi Museum of Art

Adachi Museum of Art, modern Japanese art,, modern art, musems in japan, musem

93. Korakuen

Korakuen, the most beautiful garden in Japan, relaxing Japanese garden, Okayama.

94. Byodoin Temple

Byodoin Temple, Buddhist Pure Land, Japanese Tradition, Temples, Shrine, Kyoto, beautiful garden, Heian period.

95. Hokan-ji Temple, Yasaka Tower

Hokan-ji Temple, Japan’s most famous pagoda, Yasaka Tower, Yasaka-no-to , Yasaka Pagoda, pagoda, temple, Kyoto, Japan

96. Samurai Museum

Samurai Museum, samurai Experience, Maikoya, The Night Museum

97. Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe, restaurant, cafe, bars, new experience, Tokyo, Japan

98. Hammock Cafe

Hammocks, unique cafe atmosphere, hammocks everywhere, relaxing cafe environment.

99. Nifrel

Nifrel, enjoy seeing natures, nature , park, Japan

100. Iga Ninja Town

ninja museum, ninja, Ninja Museum of Igaryu, museum, experience in Japan, travelling Japan, Nara, Japanese culture

101. Uji Tea Gardens

Uji Tea Gardens, uji, green tea, tea ceremony, japan culture, cultural activities, tea experiences, japanese culture, fun

102. Rice Harvesting Experience

Rice Harvesting Experience, japan culture, cultural activities, rice fields

103. Kitano Settlements

Kitano Settlements, downtown Kobe, looks like Europe, Kitano-chō, european style, historic buildings, settlement area.
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Maikoya Osaka- Ang Pinakamagandang Bagay na Gagawin sa Osaka

Maikoya Osaka- Japan pinakabago kultura activity center at ang pinakamahusay na bagay na gawin sa Osaka

Maiko Osaka
Entrance of Maikoya Osaka

Maligayang pagdating sa Maikoya Osaka. Ang host ng unang geisha Japan cafe at isang natatanging kultural na karanasan venue para sa mga manlalakbay at mga residente magkamukha. Ito ay isang gusali na malapit sa Shinsaibashi, sa gitna ng lungsod pa malayo mula sa mga maiingay na tao. Ito ay constructed sa isang ari-arian na kung saan ang isang aktwal na geisha house stood hanggang sa kalagitnaan ng 1980s. Sandali hakbang mo papunta sa gusali ng paglalakbay sa iyo pabalik sa panahon.

Ang Geisha Cafe ay simple ngunit natatanging sa Geisha themed ukiyoes nagha-hang sa mga pader at ang ilan memorobilia mula sa 80s. May mga ilang mga talahanayan tulad ng anumang iba pang mga cafe at tatami-estilo upuan. Isang maiko in training binati ang mga bisita at naglilingkod sa kanila ang pagkain o inumin nila order. Sila’y tinatawag Osaka geisha na kung saan ay lubos na naiiba mula sa Kyoto geysha at Tokyo geysha. Ang specialty ng cafe ay green tea at ginintuang manipis na piraso ng ice cream. Isang beses sa isang araw maghatid ng mga ito Kobe beef sandwiches lamang 4 taong magreserba in advance.
img class=”size-full wp-image-2237″ src=”” alt=”Geisha Cafe” width=”579″ height=”399″ />
Geisha Cafe
Ang ika-3 palapag nagho-host ng mga natatanging koleksyon ng mga magagandang kimonos at maliit na mga modelo ng mga templo at shrines. May mga gorgeous Japanese style na salamin para sa make-up at maluwag agpang kuwarto. Ang pinakamagandang bahagi ay ang mga tauhan tumutulong sa iyo na may make-up, hair huwag at siyempre may suot na yukata o kimono. Ang backdrops ay kapansin-pansin at perpekto para sa kimono photo shooting kapag sa tingin mo ito ay mainit o malamig sa labas.
Display at the kimono room
Display at the kimono room

kimono photoshoot
kimono photoshoot

Kimono Display
Kimono display

Ang ika-4 na palapag ay may 3 iba’t ibang mga tema. Naglalakad ka sa tatami floor habang pakiramdam 3 natatanging mga panahon ng Hapon kasaysayan. Sa pinakadulo kanang bahagi lays ang tea ceremony seksyon kung saan ang isang tokonoma at ang isang tradisyunal fusuma nang maganda ipinapakita. Sa gitna, may 2 buhay na laki ng samurais may apat diffent flags digmaan sa mga crests pamilya ng 4 na magkakaibang mga daimyo. Sa kaliwang bahagi ng beatiful uchikake kasama ang mga paintings depicting panahon ng Heian at nagtatampok ju-ni-hitoe. Palapag na ito ay ginagamit din upang magkaroon ng kultural na gawain tulad ng kaligrapya, furoshiki at ikebana.
Samurai Osaka
Samurai Osaka

Samurai Experience in Osaka
Samurai Experience in Osaka

Tea ceremony experience in Osaka
Tea ceremony experience

Tea ceremony
Tea ceremony experience

Ang ika-5 palapag ay isang tradisyonal na Japanese kitchen pinalamutian ng Meiji style wooden furniture na may adjustable mesa. Mga bisita ay maaaring magluto ng Hapon pagkain estilo ranging mula sa mga lokal na mga kilalang tao tulad ng takoyaki at okonomiyaki na pinagsama sushi at wagashi. Ang kusina ay mayroon ding cultural artifacts kabilang ang Hina Doll display at iba’t-ibang uri ng mga item kusina yari sa kawayan sticks.

Kung gusto mong magkaroon ng isang kamay sa kultural na karanasan o matuto nang higit pa tungkol sa Hapon kultura Maikoya Osaka ay dapat na sa iyong listahan.
Disclaimer: Ang mga gusali kung saan Maikoya Osaka ay matatagpuan ginamit upang maging isang geysha bahay hanggang huli 80; gayunpaman, sa kasalukuyan ito ay hindi isang geisha bahay o okiya. Maikoya Osaka ay isang kultural na pasilidad edukasyon. Ang geisha na nagtatrabaho sa Maikoya ay hindi mga tao na nakatira sa okiya para sa taon. Pangunahing pagtuon ni Maikoya ay nagpo-promote ng Hapon crafts at sining at Maikoya tiyak ay hindi sundin ang mga code ng Kyoto o Tokyo geisha bahay o kaakibat sa anumang okiya o geisha association.

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Dōtonbori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan. It is running along the Dōtonbori canal from Dōtonbori Bridge to Nippon Bridge in the Namba area of the city centre. Historically a theatre district, now it is a popular nightlife and entertainment area characterised by its eccentric atmosphere and large illuminated signboards.
One of the area’s most important features, a billboard for confectionery company “Glico” displaying the image of a runner crossing a finishing line, is seen as an icon of Osaka within Japan.
It is also offering abundant dining and shopping choices. The district is easily accessible since it is served by three train companies as well as three subway lines and also a highway bus terminal. The other major city centre is “Kita” (North) which is located around Osaka and Umeda Stations.

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Maikoya Osaka- The Best Thing To Do in Osaka

Maikoya Osaka- Japan’s newest culture activity centre and the best thing to do in Osaka

Maiko Osaka
Entrance of Maikoya Osaka

Welcome to Maikoya Osaka. The host of Japan’s first geisha cafe and a unique cultural experience venue for travelers and residents alike. This is a building near Shinsaibashi, in the heart of the city yet far from the noisy crowds. It was constructed on a property where an actual geisha house stood until the mid-1980s. The moment you step into the building you travel back in time.

The Geisha Cafe is simple but unique with Geisha themed ukiyoes hanging on the walls and some memorobilia from the 80s. There are some tables just like any other cafe and tatami-style seats. A maiko in training greets the guests and serves them food or drinks. They call themselves Osaka Geisha which is quite different from Kyoto Geisha and Tokyo Geisha. The specialty of the cafe is green tea and golden flake ice cream. Once a day they serve Kobe beef sandwiches to only 4 people who reserve in advance.
Geisha Cafe
Geisha Cafe
3rd floor hosts a unique collection of beautiful kimonos and small models of temples and shrines. There are gorgeous Japanese style mirrors for make-up and spacious fitting rooms. The best part is the staff assists you with make-up, hair do and of course putting on the yukata or kimono. The backdrops are breathtaking and ideal for kimono photo shooting when you think it is hot or cold outside.
Display at the kimono room
Display at the kimono room

kimono photoshoot
kimono photoshoot

Kimono Display
Kimono display
4th floor has 3 different themes. You walk on the tatami floor while feeling 3 distinct periods of Japanese history. On the very right side lays the tea ceremony room where a tokonoma and a traditional fusuma are beautifully displayed. There are 2 life sized samurais in the middle  with four different war flags carrying the family crests of 4 different daimyo. On the left stand a beautiful uchikake along with the paintings depicting the Heian period and featuring ju-ni-hitoe. This floor is also used for various cultural activities such as calligraphy, furoshiki and ikebana.
Samurai Osaka
Samurai Osaka
Samurai Experience in Osaka
Samurai Experience in Osaka

Tea ceremony experience in Osaka
Tea ceremony experience
Tea ceremony
Tea ceremony experience
5th floor is a traditional Japanese kitchen decorated by Meiji style wooden furniture and two adjustable tables. Visitors can cook Japanese style meals ranging from local celebrities like takoyaki and okonomiyaki to rolled sushi and wagashi. The kitchen also has cultural artifacts including the Hina Doll display and various kinds of kitchen items made out of bamboo sticks.
Whether you want to have a hands on cultural experience or learn more about Japanese culture Maikoya Osaka must be on your list.
Disclaimer: The building where Maikoya Osaka is located used to be a geisha house until the late 80’s; however, currently it is not a geisha house or Okiya. Maikoya Osaka is a cultural education facility. The geisha who are working at Maikoya are not people who lived in Okiya for years. Maikoya’s main focus is promoting Japanese crafts and arts and Maikoya certainly does not follow the code of Kyoto or Tokyo geisha houses or affiliated with any okiya or geisha association.
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The Art of Bonsai Trees

The art of Bonsai shaping and tree training is referred to as one of the oldest and most intricate arts in the industry of botanical and gardening.
The word bonsai is derived from the Japanese words “bon”, meaning tray, and “sai”, meaning tree, with a literal meaning of creating/planting miniature trees on a tray. Although it originally started in Japan, there are similar traditions, which practiced in other nations and cultures, such as the art of “hon-non-bo” in Vietnam and “Penjing” in China.
bonsai tree
These living, miniature natural masterpieces increase greatly in aesthetic appeal and financial value as the tree matures over time. There are a variety of different styles of bonsai trees, as well as many different kinds of tree that can be used to plant a Bonsai. Styles of Bonsai include formal upright, informal upright, literati, cascade, raft bonsais and semi-cascade, all of which can range amazingly in size from miniature to large. Additionally, both fruit trees and flowered trees can be used for this art.
Flowering bonsai

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Midosuji Street

Midosuji street is one of the most famous and important streets in Shinsaibashi Osaka. This street is running from north of Umeda in the Kita Area to as far as Namba in the Minami Area.
It is often known and referred to as the “Champs Elysee of the Orient”. The avenue is lined up with a fabulous border of gingko trees, which is casting beautiful shade in the summer season.
When the leaves turn into yellow/red in autumn, the atmosphere of the avenue becomes even more fantastic and romantic as people walking along a carpet of golden fallen leaves. It definitely is a wonderful way of enjoying nature in an urban setting.
The street is also known as a super high-class shopping street, housing, clothing stores by such brands as Apple flagship store, major hotels, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc…
Apple Store Midosuji Ave
There is an interesting fact that the street was often referred to in songs by popular artists, for example, Hitomi Yaida on her album It’s a New Day.