The Rules of Martial Arts (Budō Charter)

In 1987 all the martial art associations in Japan, including judo, naginata, aikido, iado, kendo, sumo, jukendo and karate do foundations, came together and declared the 6 rules of martial arts as follow:

  • MOKUTEKI: The purpose of “martial arts” is to build a strong character. The physical and mental training is necessary for this goal.
  • KEIKO: Fundamental techniques should be preserved. New techniques may not be good for mind and body connection.
  • SHIAI: Win with modesty. Accept defeat gracefully. This is the spirit of budo.
  • DOJO: The “dojo” is a sacred place. It must be clean, safe and quiet.
  • SENSEI: The master should try to improve his skills. Winning does not mean the teacher is perfect.
  • SOKUSHIN: Traditional values and intensive training are necessary to promote budo.

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